Building Lesotho - Quarterly Newsletter

We have decided to tell our own story. LSP is constantly being featured in national media, however they do not have the 'inside information'. Building Lesotho tells the LSP story from the inside. It will give voice to the company. Stories of internal pride and achievement. Challenges, setbacks and accomplishments.

I am delighted to announce the release of the fifth issue.

Mpho Sefali - Editor

  • One of the biggest developmental challenges and most obvious inequalities facing Lesotho as most African country is the general lack of access to electricity. This edition is themed on energy. As you flip through the contents, you will see interesting articles around the subject.
  • This edition of Building Lesotho is the lightest version of the LSP Construction quarterly publication yet. Our management this season revealed its soft-hearted side, the humanitarian side, and gave us an opportunity to share more human stories happening within LSP, “the Company with a Human Heart”!
  • I am delighted to announce the third edition of Building Lesotho. Bringing you stories of internal pride and achievements, challenges, setbacks, and accomplishments!
  • I cannot be more pleased to announce the 2nd Edition of Building Lesotho- an LSP Construction newsletter. What started out as a concept has now become a tangible publication.
  • LSP Construction management has decided it is time the company told its own story. We are delighted to introduce the first issue of Building Lesotho, an LSP Construction Newsletter.