A company steeped in the history and development of Lesotho

LSP Construction (LSP) has remained a wholly Basotho owned Company ever since inception in 1976 and has been operational in Lesotho only.

LSP Construction (Pty) Ltd was established in 1976 in Maseru by JR (Danny) Bothma, his brother AC Bothma and GT Monaheng, and initially traded as Lesotho Steel Products (Pty) Ltd.

At inception, Structural Steelwork was the focus of the Company’s operations until well into the late 1980’s.

In the early 1990’s, LSP began to include Building and Civil Works in its portfolio. From the year 2000 the Company began offering total turnkey solutions to a varied client base.

In addition to the expansion into Building and Civil Works in the 1990’s, LSP also extended its skills and knowledge base to include the construction of Electrical Power Lines and Sub-Stations in 1995. Since we have been instrumental in improving the living conditions of more than 25 000 Basotho by electrifying households under various electrification projects. Today LSP has not only the capacity and expertise to manage electrification of households, but also the construction of High Voltage Power Lines and Sub-Stations up to 132 kV.

LSP Construction is registered at the Ministry of Public Works and Transport – BDS as an ‘A Category’ Contractor and as a Specialist Structural Steel Contractor. LSP is also registered as an ‘A Category’ Electrical Contractor at the Lesotho Electricity Company and at Ministry of Public Works and Transport – BDS.

Employment Capacity

LSP currently employs 300 full-time employees of which 97.5% are Basotho. We supplement this complement to suit projects at hand.

Vision and Values

Our vision is to ensure that we, at all times, are focused in providing our Clients with the services and end products that exceed expectations, through the establishment, maintenance and improvement of management systems. This ensures the capability of our management to make informed decisions at the right time, at all levels.

Our vision is that all employees to whom skills have been transferred will develop, learn and apply the quality systems as contained in our Quality Management Systems to help LSP to deliver exceptional projects to Clients.

Our specific objectives include, to ensure that the requirements of all specifications are met particularly in relation to Quality pertaining to design, construction methods and testing. We strive to provide assurance that completed works are in line with sound engineering and construction processes.

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