40 Years of Building Lesotho

Signature Projects

Mafeteng Solar Farm

LSP Construction constructed the first ever Solar Farm in Lesotho in the Mafeteng District at Ha-Ramarethole.

It is clear that solar energy is the future for many countries. This is especially so for countries like Lesotho that have abundant sun throughout the year.

  •  Client Name:Tuwana Construction Pty Ltd
  •  Footprint:473 000 m2 & 55Km 13KV transmission Line
  •  Country:Mafeteng District at Ha-Ramarethole, Lesotho
  •  Budget: M 70,000,000
  •  Commissioned: April 2023
  •  Completed: Work in progress

The first phase of the project will supply the national power grid with 30MWp of electricity; while the second phase will have a capacity of 40MWp.

LHDA Polihali Gauging Weir

This gauging station was built 500 metres downstream of the Polihali Dam, to accurately measure volumes and flow of water in the Senqu River to aid in the planning of the construction of the dam.

The  Polihali Dam is part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) - Phase Two.

Lesotho Highlands Development Authority Polihali Gauging Weir
  •  Client Name: Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA)
  •  Footprint: 900m2
  •  Country: Mokhotlong District, Lesotho
  •  Budget: M 24,307,249.00
  •  Commissioned: May 2012
  •  Completed: November 2013

Setsoto National Stadium Upgrade

The Project involved the construction of a new East and West stand, which include ablutions, retail shops and stores in the stands, as well as renovations to the existing structures and the grounds.

Setsoto Stadium under construction
  •  Client Name: Lesotho Government
  •  Footprint: 42 000m2
  •  Country: Maseru, Lesotho
  •  Commissioned: September 2009
  •  Completed: July 2010

Electrical Grid Extension Kaonyana Area

132kV overhead power line to Liqhobong Substation, 132kV feeder bay and 132kV Capacitor Bank at the Lejone Substation, 2 x 20 MVA 132/11kV Substation, 2 x 11kV lines to Kao and 2 x 11kV lines to Liqhobong

Liqhobong 132KV electrical lines
  •  Client Name:Infrastructure Projects
  •  Footprint:30km Wolf 132kV Line
  •  Country: Maseru, Lesotho
  •  Budget: M148,901,000.00
  •  Commissioned: August 2014
  •  Completed: Nov 2015

Mg Health Limited

The project has been initiated by MG HEALTH LIMITED with the objective to produce high quality contaminant free medical cannabis based oil for a global distribution to the benefit of the local community and the country.

The infrastructure requirement is divided into 5 categories, namely:

  • Electrical Powerline- 11 Kv Powerline to the Facility
  • Civil works
  • Buildings
  • Multi-span Green Houses
MG Health Limited
  •  Client Name: MG Health Limited (Phase one)
  •  Footprint: +-48 000m2
  •  Country: Marakabei, Lesotho
  •  Budget: M 80 000 000.00
  •  Commissioned: January 2018
  •  Completed: Work In Progress

Letseng Mining Complex

The project consists of the new Letseng diamond Mine workshop complex phase 1 and associated infrastructure, situated in the maloti Mountains in the kingdom of Lesotho.

  •  Client Name: Letseng Diamond Mine
  •  Country: Mokhotlong, Lesotho
  •  Commissioned: 01 December 2016
  •  Completed: Work In Progress

The workshop Complex will consist of a new heavy mining equipment (HME) workshop, wash bay, quick service workshop, offices and associated infrastructure and services, i.e. potable water, storm water, parking areas as well as heating and electricity supply and distribution

Letseng Mining Complex
  •  Client Name: Letseng Diamond Mine
  •  Country: Mokhotlong, Lesotho
  •  Commissioned: 01 December 2016
  •  Completed: Work In Progress

Letseng Patiseng Expansion Conveyor Platform

To design and construct a shaped ‘rock fill’ platform with a wearing course, on which to mount conveyors.

The design provides for two level platforms and a sloped platform between these, (fall of 52 m), all three platforms forming a conveyor support for approximately 285 metres of conveyor.

Letseng mine expansionconveyor platform
  •  Client Name: Letseng Diamonds
  •  Footprint: 30 600 m2
  •  Country: Lesotho
  •  Commissioned: 10 January 2018
  •  Completed: Work In Progress